Villa Waringin, luxurious villa to rent with 6 bedrooms


Saraswati sunset

On Saraswati day we enjoyed a magical sunset in front of the villa. Exquisite moment!

Piodalang day

Tanah Lot celebrates its biannual piodalang temple anniversary. Villa Waringin is only 20-25 minutes on the way to the temple and can organize for guests an attractive tour to the sanctuary. On this day, more than others, pilgrims come from all villages to gather their thoughts on the beaches.

Tumpek Uduh

On Sunday June 20th, it was Tumpek Uduh, an holy day dedicated to flowers and plants with seeds. Like lotus flower, tunjung teratai in Bali language.┬áTime to bless gardens and ricefields to get successful harvests. We pay homage to this day in villa Waringin through Tunjung suite and its wonderful[…]

Odalang day

Odalang day is like the birthday. An important ceremony takes place for the all estate members and guests in front of the temple of the estate. The village priest is there with village people to celebrate the offerings and blessings with holly water. Emotional time and prayers to share with[…]

May Festivals to enjoy in Villa Waringin

Remember that Villa Waringin with its sunset sea view is a wonderful place to get beautiful beach pictures during May festivals. Saraswaty day is devoted to the goddess of knowlegde and science and Pagerwesi day commemorates an ancient battle between good and evil. Balinese people celebrate those festivals by doing[…]

Pagerwesi day in Waringin

It is always time in villa Waringin to be positive. “The iron fence” protect you, just focus on wellbeing in the tropical garden, enjoy sea view, your energy runs deeply into your body and mind.