Villa Waringin, luxurious villa to rent with 6 bedrooms

Pantai Lima

Bali’s Pantai Lima estate comprises five super-luxury, completely private villas. Four have five double bedrooms, the other has six. The property is truly spacious, extending over 1.6 hectares, or four acres. That’s about the size of two football fields. Individual gardens range from 2250 to 3270 square metres (24,220 to 35,200 square feet) and the villas themselves all exceed 800 square metres of floor area (8,600 square feet.) Four of the villas are right on the water’s edge, while the fifth is set back against the rice fields with the river at its side and a short boardwalk to the beach.
The beach itself is largely deserted save for an occasional fisherman or surfer. Headed by your villa manager, every villa at Pantai Lima has its own dedicated staff to ensure your complete comfort, including its own team of chefs and butlers. Shared facilities at Pantai Lima included a tennis court with night-lighting, a gym with a variety of fitness equipment, and a 250 square metre seminar room.
villa-bali-mapWith the villas offering 26 large bedrooms between them, Pantai Lima makes an ideal destination for events needing multiple villas or a whole estate rental.