Villa Waringin, luxurious villa to rent with 6 bedrooms

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Terrace breakfast for suites 1 and 2

romantic breakfast ans seaview

Look at this wonderful seaview through the palm trees, breakfast table close to your suite, under the shadow of the alang-alang roof. That is the romantic breakfast time with white tablecloth and unique porcelain tableware specially painted for the villa you can enjoy on the upstairs terrace.

Those peaceful moments with an unique seaview on the beach and waves are a daily basis in Waringin paradise. Everything is thought and designed for harmony and comfort. Turquoise color remember the ocean as light green is an offering color to the ricefields around the villa. This romantic breakfast with its privacy will ┬ábe for always in your mind and heart. Close your eyes and feel the light breeze…

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  1. Villa Administrator - 28th January 2016 2:01 am

    Romance is in the air ?
    Enjoy first a seaview breakfast facing a beautiful environment sharing the love of Bali


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