Villa Waringin, luxurious villa to rent with 6 bedrooms

Culinary Experience

Wonderful pannacotta

A team of three chefs. All food, wines, beers and spirits are charged at cost, with the exception of cellared fine wines.

Villa Waringin has an innovative and rather unusual approach to food and drink. We want you to feel as free in our villa as you would if it was your own. And that means that you choose what food, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits you want to enjoy, you set a budget, you give your butler money to cover your shopping, and he arranges its purchase at local markets, delicatessens, specialty shops and liquor stores. There is a handling fee of 15% for the shopping of the groceries but no mark-up or premium for its preparation by your chefs. Our chef and his team offer you a selection of menus according to your tastes and desires.

There is something unusually artistic and astonishing in Villa Waringin’s gastronomy. A devoted team of trained Chefs mastering dishes from around the world will always keep you surprised and eagerly awaiting your next meal. Whether it be the warm, out-of-the-oven homemade cookies in the morning as you awaken, the freshly caught seafood barbecued on the garden grill, a mid-day snack, a mysteriously delicious cocktail, or a five course dinner, you will taste excellence. Freshly bought on local markets or imported from the world over, anything you desire can be prepared for your pleasure, exactly the way you wish it. If, on the contrary, you enjoy the thrill of surprises, let us amaze you with the unexpected as our chefs guide you through a labyrinth of flavors and ambiences.